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School Digitization:
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Is a critical re-imagination of our school system imminent?

Manaal Ahmed

Jan 3, 2021

Why be a part of the herd when you can be the trailblazer?

Student management in this century is no small feat. More people have access to education than ever before. This means that both private and public schools have an overwhelming number of students pouring in every year. This new era brings new challenges for schools. The age-old methods of student management have proved inadequate for the modern education system. The number of students, teachers and subjects available is impossible for an administrator to keep track of on their own.

Many schools have already experienced the burden of computing student data manually. Within Pakistan, the education system lags behind because it can not keep up with the data it generates. Often student records are misplaced or lengthy process is required to retrieve appropriate data. Moreover, without the right statistics schools are underutilizing their resources by basing important decisions on estimations. On top of that schools struggle to monitor and evaluate teachers, especially if it’s a big school. Inefficient hiring can stifle the growth of schools. Generally, Schools are unaware of their own potential because they fail to innovate in an effective way.

School hierarchy in Pakistan

Pakistan has a very established hierarchy of schools. The oldest private boarding schools on top, private school networks after that, small private institutions and lastly government schools/madrassas. The established system is so rigid that it seems impossible for any school to progress. Their status remains fixed and subsequently, their income does too. However, this rigidity is indeed an opening for schools looking to advance. The staunch traditionalism of some schools allows others to gain a competitive edge that can change the game. Innovation.


To innovate is to create something new. For schools, what’s new is digitization. To digitize is to use software for everyday management of the school. Instead of costly manual administration, you use affordable technology to generate, calculate and interpret data. This is the feature that other schools lack. A simple step to propel your school upward in the hierarchy. No need for completely restructure your school or spend finances on new campuses. Use technology to solve all your problems.

SOOP is that technology. We collect your data and provide you with the results. You can now make informed decisions based on your needs. Our app lets you analyse every data point you have in your school. You can view schools records, student information, mark attendance, view assignments, talk to their parents, view the teachers’ performance all in one app. No fear of losing records or digging through files to find the right one. We got you covered.

So if you are a school looking to step up your game, or simplify your management or simply diversify your amenities, look no further. Given the speed of technology, sooner or later, schools will have to digitize. Innovation is the only requirement of the future. Climate change and our dependency on technology make it impossible for schools not to innovate within the next 10 years. Why not be the leader in the movement that surely to come? Why be a part of the herd when you can be the trailblazer?

Running a school can be a challenging task but you can make it easier with SOOP.

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