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Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are want to know about SOOP in detail. We have provided set of questions with precise answers.

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SOOP is a new approach to student information and learning manage- ment. SOOP modernizes the core information infrastructure for schools and colleges: SIS, LMS, Communications, Student Analytics, and Data Visualization. SOOP was designed to provide visibility to meaningful and understandable student and school-wide information while easing the transition to 21st century instructional practices. At the same time, the platform simplifies and streamlines workflow and communication for educators, enabling them to save valuable time on administrative tasks so they can spend more time doing what they love: teaching our kids and improving classroom performance.

From large to small independent learning communities, schools and colleges across the world are adopting SOOP to improve operational efficiency, manage school operations smoothly and effectively, enhance the school-home connection, and analyze critical school and student data for more informed decision-making — all from one centralized, secure location. For teachers, SOOP provides a holistic view of student performance and helps automate everyday tasks, reducing busywork so they can focus more time on teaching. SOOP also offers dashboards that allow parents and students to view important school information and monitor academic and behavioral progress.

SOOP helps schools improve operational efficiency and student out- comes by streamlining mission-critical systems into one modern solution. Not only does SOOP improve visibility into student and school-wide data, but the platform allows schools to transition to progressive educational practices at their own pace, all while saving educators time and energy better used in the classroom.

SOOP was founded on a core belief in user-centric design and continu- ous improvement. Our products are never “done.” All of the company’s products are based on intensive research at the school level, and are constantly seeking ways to improve and expand its offering to help cut down on educators’ busywork and free up time and resources that can be better spent on student learning. Our suite of features continues to grow with a new tool added every 2 weeks on average.. You can see our features page for more information.


SOOP combines the reliable, high-quality technology tools educators demand with a user experience they deserve. SOOP brings a unique combination of advantages: we offer a clean and easy-to-use interface for a wide breadth of tools at an affordable price. Unlike many other SIS and LMS solutions on the market, SOOP was built from the ground up as a cloud-based, integrated system, which enables easier set up, more flexibility, better interoperability, and lower costs. Furthermore, SOOP was built with both traditional and progressive educational practices, which allow schools and districts to roll out new initiatives as they see fit.

Yes, SOOP can be customized according to the school needs. You can discuss your specific requirements with us so that we will provide you a suitable solution. 

Data Privacy & Security

SOOP takes exhaustive measures to ensure data security and student privacy. Because SOOP is a permission-based system, users see only the information they are permitted to access. SOOP also uses security proto- cols including SSL encryption and double firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive school and student information. SOOP is fully compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and has signed the national Student Privacy Pledge.

SOOP cares about your data. We are already using AWS (Amazon web services) which is currentl, the most secure platform in the world. All big gaints use AWS for their data protection and hosting. As per SOOP's contract we would be penalized if anything happens to your data.

Support & Trainings

We provide support services at any time you need. We offers chat, phone, video call and on site support according to the magnitude of a problem.

Yes, we do. We will provide training through webinars, phone and by onsite training method. And there is no cap on trainings as well.

Our experts can take care of every detail, starting from uploading student’s data to managing the information. You just need to login to your respective account and then start using it. We assure you that your data is 100% secure on our servers, so forget worrying about it. The school doesn’t need to do any extra efforts to take care of their responsibilities.